Reverse Mortgages

If you are homeowner in Canada over 55 and want to:

  • Pay off existing debt
  • Stay in your own home or purchase a new one
  • Preserve your current assets
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Help your children or grandchildren financially
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… releasing the equity in your home through a CHIP or Income Advantage loan, commonly referred to as a reverse mortgage, may be the perfect financial decision for you.  

Recent changes have made reverse mortgages more flexible and inexpensive than you may think.  Rates as low as 3.49%.

Reverse mortgages allow you to:

  • To stay in your own home without downsizing - home ownerhip always remains with you, not the lender.
  • Continue to benefit from your home appreciation

  • Avoid moving which is a major and time-consuming undertaking

  • Use funds to renovate or retrofit property, and manage the upkeep

  • Reduce dependency on RRIF withdrawals, while maintaining or increasing monthly income and reducing taxable income

  • Invest or pay off existing debts in a simple, sensible and tax-friendly way

  • Create new tax-efficient sources of income and maybe even reduce your income tax

  • Catch up on unused RRSP contribution room and gain valuable tax deductions that can be used now and in the future to build future retirement income without increasing monthly expenses  
  • Help your children or grandchildren with their education, or other expenes and give you peace of mind
You can even use a reverse mortgage to purchase a home, provided that this home will be your principal residence.  
And, unlike a conventional mortgage or line of credit, you are guaranteed never to owe more than the value of your home, even in a falling real estate market.

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